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Part 8

In their tea break Rhea took Mohit to the canteen again .... And she said "Mohit I met someone very strange way yesterday" .... Mohit was curious what she was talking about .... "Mohit his name was Rehan and I saw him first outside my college yesterday.... There was some strange attraction towards his voice that I had .... And then later he helped me reach home safely yesterday from Heena's house" ...

What ? why did you take help from a stranger Rhea ??? Why didn't you call me if you were in problem ?? "Mohit relax" said Rhea .... "It's just that I was upset once I was down from Heena's house and there Rehan came and offered me help"...

Mohit was very upset with this but he didn't let Rhea know about it... He was still listening to her ...."Rhea so he came to drop at your place ???" "No he didn't ... He just dropped me near his house ....And I took an auto from there and reached home .... He was a nice guy Mohit and I didn't find any problem travelling with him alone" ....

Mohit was curious to know more from her .... So did you give him your number ? Rhea giggled and told him "Mohit come on relax " I haven't shared my number with him and I don't even think we would ever meet again" ....

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