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Part 5

Rhea stepped out of the building but was in no state to leave the premises as she still didn’t believe of what had happened. She just recalled the time few hours back when she was giggling with Heena at the Sandwich corner and discussing some jokes.

As she was still at the building gate, she heard the voice from behind, May I help you?

Rhea was stunned and she looked back. It was the same voice she had heard this evening and fell some attraction towards. The guy standing right behind her was a tall wheatish guy with a small beard just above his chin, wearing casual jeans and t-shirt same as she had seen earlier. He had worn a smart leather jacket and paired up with very sexy Puma shoes ....

Rhea was surprised to see this guy offer help to her since he was a stranger. Rhea told him, thanks but I don’t need any help from strangers. The guy introduced himself as Rehan & told her now that you know my name, I am no more a stranger to you. Rhea smiled at the sweet gesture and introduced herself as Rhea and shook hands with him. Rehan asked her if she would want him to drop her somewhere since it was quite late at night and also Rhea was crying and not in a state to be alone.

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