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Part 10

Rhea thought for a moment and told Rehan "I don't think it's a good idea to be friends Rehan.... It was nice of you to help me yesterday and I would always remember your gesture .... But I don't think we are alike and hence there is no point in being friends"....

"Rhea what makes you say we are not alike....You don't even know me yet ...And I feel we could be good friends since we gelled so well in first meeting itself...I have never spoken about my past to anyone as I shared with you... I don't know what comfort it was...But I didn't feel I met you for the first time yesterday".....

"Rehan I can't explain to you the difference between us .... I just know that we aren't meant to be friends" ... Saying this Rhea just started walking towards her house while Rehan stood there waiting for her , hoping she would turn back...

Rhea reached home.... Her mother was waiting to have dinner with her ... She asked Rhea to freshen up while she served dinner for both of them.. Neha and Seema, Rhea's younger sisters were in the room studying while her dad had already gone to sleep..... Neha was in the 12th grade and Seema was in her 9th grade .... Both were good at studies and hence Rhea wanted them to study well and settle in their careers.....

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