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Part 3

Later 20 minutes, Along with his Son went over the location which was terrific Scene neither be described. The kidnapper was Funny flock, he ticks the clock and told them to play a game (which count as life and die)

Choose one person to take away with you and another with me!!!

Mr Smith was a trap into a web for the choice of the two daughters, suddenly Jenny screamed and told her father,

Daddy!!! Daddy!!

listen to me… please listen to me.

Take Jessica with you and I will go with him, please need not worry about me!!! I’m fine with it. Jessica needs treatment, she is unconscious now please hurry to take her to the hospital. Please, I beg of you it’s her life and death Case Daddy!!!

Please save her!!! Otherwise, we both will die.

Johnny Listen to me take Jessica along with you and Daddy, she needs treatment Brother Please both of you take her now… In meanwhile, kidnapper interrupted?

OH, Boss if your emotion scenes are over can we continue our Game.

So what have you decided who take along with First or Second?? HaHa…. don’t waste my and your time. It is important to man so be fast!!!

Mr Smith was in the dull state to decide after listening to Jenny he took Jessica along with him because she was suffering a lot and had dropped her pulse rate completely…

So he finally took her, Please God bless my daughter to stay safe…

Don’t worry Daddy God is with me He is watching over me and take care of Jessica…

Ok Boss takes her but wait…

First, leave the bag on the left truck of the hole and take your lovely Jessica.

see you then with another daughter next time!!!… But who knows it was her last moment to meet up with his father and brother.

After two hours they took the Jessica to hospital needed to operate her immediately, Mr. smith was worry about Jenny after 4 days later, he got the call!

Hello Mr Smith!

How are you? How is your Daughter is she fine???

Meanwhile, Mr Smith interrupted! how is Jenny? Is she alright?

In between Jenny voiced saying I’m alright daddy! How is Jessica? Is she fine? Did she wake up? I need to know Daddy… Mr Smith felt sorry about their daughters’ conditions and a feeling the pain about the elder daughter which she was going through it.


So, her the next deal coming Thursday you know the rules no needs to repeat from my side same two million dollars Location will be on spot.

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