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Part 2

This Story began on the day of the incident when the Mr John Smith’s Two daughters gone missing, but why they have been kidnapped both of his daughters Here, is the REASON Mr John Smith is youth Icon and Richest Techno Kola limited CEO has established his own Hardship into the development of the growing career of his Life which never estimate with Money. He is a very Famous person in the entire country of South Korea, born bought up in Seoul city.

On the incident Day, Mrs Smith was holding Grant party for the company’s Anniversary which made her complete busy with the load of Work, but she never looked After her Kids complete bipolar person holding and attending the parties for her Husband nearly stay out from her House with her Husband. Timeserver, she visits her kids with fancy gifts and makes them happy. But Jenny was not happy with her parents, looking after other kids parents she was in the need of Love but for their parents, Money can buy anything for them, but not Love for Jenny.

She was complete different Kid among three. After the incident, Life has played a very conspiracy role in her life. Never Know, She has to Suffer a lot from things. When Mrs Smith was Busy with collaboration, She gets a Call…

Hello (Mrs. Smith)

Hello!!! (kidnapper)

Who is This?

Hello Mrs Smith, you need not know who I’m? but one thing needs to know your two daughters are with me … ah… Don’t Panic!!!

I just need 2 million dollars then I will release one of your daughters then later another one!! if you really need to confirm about your daughter I just sent you the pictures….!!

Ha one last thing No police!!

Okay Lovely lady


After the call, she received the photos, after that she remain stub, not a word appeared from her mouth. As fast as she could reach to Mr Smith and convey the news about his daughters, Listening to his Wife’s Word his heart block up with the Oxygen and got minor attack but later he was alright coming back to consciousness, He realized what had happened to his two daughters… It was past 30 minutes he was just thinking what to do, now he gets a call!!!

Hello Mr Smith!!!

Are you alright I heard you got the minor stroke, Every Sorry for that ….Now listen very carefully as per you have seen your daughter’s pictures they are with me don’t worry No Harming I promise!!! I sent you the location to deliver the money and get your one daughter but one condition! You need to bring your Son for the money delivery, OK!!

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