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Part 1

Destined love and war!!!

Once in a while, the house built with Joy and happiness were lived by Two daughters, one son with their parents’ names as Mr John Smith with his wife Mrs Alice Smith.

One of their elder Daughter, Ms Jenn Smith was obedient and honest with truth and she was a passion about Joy and love which develop in this world who worship everyone and loves everyone.

she is Great which showed her the way of joy into her life but one problem she was suffering from insomnia, never ever slept of the disaster caused in their family.

Next comes her second daughter Ms Jessica Smith, she is an outstanding person never ever needed anyone to control her, her moot of life to Enjoy every time need not to whereabout after the disaster caused in their family she completely turns her up as the ghost monster but she really never being.

next, last one synonymous Johnny Smith, he is an outstanding and well-mannered person but never ever cross the line of the limit which he puts everything above before his life other than his elder sister after the massive disaster he hurts more often than rather hurt others because the major root cause of the disaster of their family was by him.

This is unforgettable, now here come the story of this beginning what this Destined love and war! real matters, why this story title is turn up this way, is to specify this form of history? So please enjoy the reading and please share your comments regarding the story Novel which I come up with.

Thank you!!!

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