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Part 1

All she could see was a group of nurses un hooking machines and then a light beingshined in her eyes. and a doctor asking her if she knew her name. She was droggy and barely abled to shake her head in a no manner. He told her not to worry that he was pretty sure that she would eventually remember that she had been here at the Lewisburg Hospital and Rehabiliation Center for almost two years lying here in a coma and the last few weeks had showed signs of coming out of the coma.

‚Äč Some of the staff had went around to varies of donation places and had gotten her a few outfits for her. She was five foot seven, long blond hair, weight of one hundred and twentyfive pounds. Probably wore a size twelve but there was one or two oufits in a size ten. The tens fit perfectly and with a belt the twelves looked good also. The nurses asked her if she like dresses or slacks and she couldn't even tell them which she perferred so they got some of each

Looking in a mirror while brushing her hair she liked the look of her hair hanging down, if that wasn't the old way of her wearing her hair it difinately was the new way. The nurses asked her if she liked jewerly and when she was found there had been none she didn't know. One nurse noticing that the only possession of hers was a bible she had two or three nice cross necklaces and brought them to the hospital and tried them on her. She looked at them in the mirror and picked the single gold strand with a very simple and pretty gold cross which the nurse said would go with all of her outfits. She was learning that she felt more comfortable with wearing the dresses One doctor told her that things like that was a sign of she probably had worn dresses more than pants. She realized on her own that she perferred dress slacks more than jeans. He said that was another positive sign and every positive sign was a step closer to finding out things about herself

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