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Part 1


June 1009, San Sebastian

“Did you distribute Arianna’s riddle?” Roan, the leader of the Republicans, asked Joseph, his most trusted vampire general, just as he entered the throne room.

Joseph swept to the floor. Placing his fist over his heart, he bowed his head. Blond curls fell over his pale attractive face. “Yes, my Lord.”

Silence prevailed for a few seconds. Neither supernova nor vampire said anything; sensing words would be redundant.

“The moon finally embarked on its journey,” Roan broke the silence at last with a heavy sigh. “The blood will creep up the surface gradually until consumed.”

Joseph didn’t comment; instead, he rose, raking his fingers through his hair. His master and best friend kept staring out the window. The moon’s cold white light leisurely faded into a warm orange glow. How I hate the task ahead, he thought grimly.

In the distance, Roan sensed the wind astir. It could only be the vampire generals and their clans approaching, he thought. Careful to keep his pasty, chiselled features expressionless, he turned reluctantly to observe each new comer. Stay calm, he reminded himself.

One by one, the generals and their army’s arrived, lining up in neat rows according to rank, age, and clan. Dressed in primarily black, each clan’s signature colour determined by the star sign of one of the twelve Elders. Except for supernovas who only wore black.

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