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Part 6

Chapter 5

Two hours later, they drove down Hermanus’s main street. Restaurants and shops lined both sides of the road.

He frowned when they didn’t stop. “Where are we going?”

Alex looked in the rear-view mirror. “The beach.”

“Dressed like that?”

“If father should wish to find me, he would definitely not have them search the beach.”

“Are you always this cunning?”

Smiling. “I wouldn’t call it quite that.”

“What would you call it?”


He sighed. “Why would you want to go to another beach when you have one of your own?”

Her eyes rolled. “Privacy, peace, and quiet.”

“A public beach is hardly any you mentioned.”

“This time of year it is,” she said. Turning down a short narrow street. “Besides, this is my favourite spot.”

Looking at the double story houses rising on either side of the street. “It doesn’t look like much,” he commented.

“Wait and see.”

Following the road, she made a quick turn to her left. Parked in one of the parking bays and got out. He started to swing his one leg over the side of the car.

“Wait here,” she ordered.

“I am going with you,” he insisted.

“No, you’re not!” she growled. “This is my alone time!”

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