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Part 4

Chapter 3

Something cold brushed against Alex’s skin. Instantly her eyes flew open. Disgusted, she swiped her skin with a quick brush of her fingers. Sitting up, she blinked.

A shiver raked her body. “Bugs!” Smack-smack-smack! She hit her duvet cover just in case the offending creature was still somewhere within reach.

Rubbing her arms, she glanced sideways. Red figures displayed 03:50. Gasping, “No!” she cried depressed, “Is it too much to ask.”

Flopping down, she punched the feather pillow. In one movement, she rolled onto her other side and strained her ears for the sounds of the new arrivals.

Sure enough, voices and feet shuffling became audible. Yup! They are here. Routine always the same until now. New guards reported at 04:00. Then given an induction on their duties. Except this year. More guards were employed and the exchange happened in February and not in June. What’s, up with that? She thought as her conversation with her father played out in her mind.

Her fingers flexed. This is absurd; I am 29 years old, not a child! I don’t need protection. I can take care of myself. Mother made sure of that. Embarrassment stained her cheeks in the dark. Why couldn’t the guards change during the day? Nights are made for sleeping, she thought exasperated.

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