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Part 3

Chapter 2

Miguel hung onto his waterproof backpack as he rode the last wave. The journey from Spain had not been easy, considering he swam all the way to South Africa.

Government’s bureaucratic red tape, he thought grim, when his feet touched South African soil. If it were up to them and their select procedures for vampires, I’d still be in Spain six months from now.

On bare-feet, he dashed out onto the beach. His black T-shirt and pants clung to his sculpted body, restricting his movement. A change of clothes will have to wait, he thought as he stopped.

Seawater trickled down disappearing into biscuit coloured sand. Shaking his head vigorously, midnight coloured shoulder length wavy hair whipped around his face. Saltwater released its grip, splattering in all directions.

Dropping his pack, he hunkered down next to it. With keen eyes, he scanned his surroundings for approaching danger. Nothing. Cocking his head to the side, medium-sized waves rolled in with a slow hush. Silence. When he was sure nothing was amiss, he stood up.

A man-made pine forest stretched out in front of him. A quick sniff identified six different kinds of buck. I need to feed, he thought as saliva filled his mouth. It’s been 48 hours.

“So typical,” he spoke aloud in amusement, “for a vegetarian to stay near wildlife.”

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