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Part 2

Chapter 1

February 2009, South Africa

Alexandra stood in front of heavy wooden doors. Swallowing hard, she lifted her hand to knock. Wonder what I did this time? Her fist clenched tighter, creeping towards the hard surface. I can’t! Her hand dropped back down. You have too. Her mental-self urged. Whirling around, she took a couple of steps in the other direction. You know this is not wise, remember last time. Her mental-self reminded her. Fine! she snapped. Squaring her shoulders, she walked back. You can do this, she encouraged. Rubbing her damp hands on her wide leg denim pants. Ready or not.


“Enter!” Joseph’s voice boomed.

Turning the doorknob, she pushed a little. Carefully peeking around the edge, she eyed the man behind the desk. He doesn’t look angry.

“Father...?” she asked unsure.

He glanced up from the colossal cherry-wood desk. The last rays of late afternoon sunlight gleamed off the polished surface. A smile hinted at the corners of his mouth as he fondly studied his beautiful, stubborn, and impulsive daughter. Her wayward curls were plaited in a poor attempt to control them and she was dressed in denims, t-shirt and tekkies.

She looks relaxed. Breathing a little easier. So far so good. “Come in, my child.”

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