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Part 1

The red dust swirled like dragons breath across the scorched land as Yunabi’s bare feet tread the ground in angered silence towards the foes that were revealed. The red haze cleared allowing her army to advance with spears held in an attack posture ready to strike. Yunabi launched herself with a fearsome cry drawing the first blood and her army followed. The battle was a blur of red dust and blood lit up with the glint of a thousand spears reflecting the sun’s unyielding glare. Soon Yunabi stood in the deathly silence with the bodies of the fallen surrounding her. She clutched the fallen chief’s spear; a trophy of honour, which was also the key to her destiny as the rightful leader of her warrior army. The long journey home provided her the time to think as she lay staring at the night sky; a blanket of blackness peppered with millions of sparkling stars. She thought of how her name would be remembered. Would it be repeated in stories elders recite by fire light to generations to come? The thought gave her comfort as she drifted into a dreamless sleep. Yunabi awoke before sunrise as usual she had travelled most of the day and would arrive at her village before sunset. On her arrival there was much fanfare as the village celebrated their safe return and victory. Yunabi approached the largest hut and stepped boldly inside. Her father the Great Chief sat expectantly. Yunabi walked up to him and placed the dead chief’s spear at his feet. “Father I have killed our enemies and I offer you the spear of their chief.” The great chief looked on at Yunabi stood before him, his heart was heavy with the news he had to deliver. Yunabi had been a good daughter and a fearsome and worthy warrior her reward should be leadership but although this battle had been won there were many others who would seek to become Great Chief. Their territory was vast and enemies were closing in. The only logical solution had been an alliance with a greater kingdom that would offer protection and a greater combined army. Yunabi's beauty was key for this. “Daughter you have yet again proven yourself a great warrior worthy of leadership but I need you to lead in a different way and become a queen ensuring the protection of your people for generations.” Yunabi's heart sat cold in her chest as she stared at her father in disbelief. “Father I have slain our enemies and I can defeat any future ones that dare offer challenge. Our army of warriors are the best; we do not need foreign kingdoms to protect us.” The Great Chief’s face was etched with the strain of burden that rested on his shoulders. “Yunabi I do not make this decision lightly, your sacrifice to be queen will be of greater purpose than any leadership you can offer.” She tried to insight further debate but her attempt was cut down and her father again wore the stern unyielding expression of a Great Chief. “It is done, Yunabi you will leave tomorrow in arranged transport that the king will send. We will celebrate your sacrifice in a feast and then you may choose a successor. Choose wisely daughter.” The chief then abruptly left and she felt the finality of his words in the sudden absence. All that Yunabi had hoped for herself was lost and like a ship blown off course she was now at the mercy of fate.

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