Coincidence or Destiny (Part 9, page 1 of 3)

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Part 9

Asha handed the documents which had all the contact number and finalized report on the location,theme and list of members for the Party. Meghna smiled at her and said “Thank you, Asha”.

Asha smiled back and replied her “You are welcome. You can call me anytime and my number is listed on the document and also this is my business card.”

Meghna got her card and also gave hers in return. “See you soon, Asha. Nice meeting you”.

Asha replied, “My pleasure, All the best”. Saying this both shook hands and departed.

Meghna came to the basement where she saw Sagar chatting with a group of people. To her surprise she saw him smile for the first time. She was able to find him hot and cute when he smiled and she was able to see his dimples looking cute. She wondered thinking “Does this man even know how to smile?”

Sagar was happily chatting with all people and even took a group selfie with them. He bid them Good- Bye and walked towards his bike. He took out his glasses which he has hooked in his T-shirt and wore them. Meghna thought to herself, “Does he think himself as Super Star Rajnikanth?” While getting on his bike he saw Meghna walking towards him.

Meghna came to him and turned off his bike and took the keys in her hand and gave a stern look at him.

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