Coincidence or Destiny (Part 6, page 2 of 3)

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Part 6

Kabir’s office was one hour drive from her place. As she didn’t want to be late she started by 9.15 am so even though she is struck in traffic she could reach there 15 minutes earlier.

On her way, while waiting in red signal a bike hit her side mirror. She got down and saw the scratch in her car. When she moved to speak to the guy in bike about it, the signal turned to green so he started his bike and went away. Meghna got furious that she chased the guy and blocked him in the middle of the street.

She got down from the car. The guy in bike was tall and had muscular body. He was wearing blue jeans and white V- Neck shirt which was a making him to look Hot. He was wearing a White helmet. Meghna went towards him and started to scream at him for making a scratch on her car.The guy didnt speak any word and was watching her screaming at him.

The guy took of his helmet and got down from his bike and walked towards her car. He examined the scratch and walked back towards Meghna. Meghna recognized the guy instantly as he was none other than Sagar. Sagar came to Meghna took his wallet and gave money to Meghna and said “I think this much money is enough for you to get rid of that scratch.”Saying this he forcibly placed the money in her hand and proceeded in his bike.

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