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Part 6

As mentioned by Kabir, his PA called Meghna right away and gave her the list of members and the theme for the party. The list included all the model, Actor, Actress and most wanted business people. Meghna had an appointment with Kabir next morning by 11 am, to discuss about the proceedings and she has to finalize the designs to get them stitched upon his approval. Hence, Meghna was awake all night and made the portfolio of designs and by the time she finished her work it was past 3am. She mailed it to Siddarth for his review and fell asleep.

Next morning, Meghna was woken up by a call from Siddarth. She sounded sleepy when she took the phone.

“Hi Siddarth”

“Hi Meghna, I saw your mail and all the designs are excellent. I hope Kabir likes them as well. But you sound different Meghna, Are you okay?”

“Thanks you Siddarth. I am fine.”

“Meghna, what time is your appointment with Kabir today?”

“It is at 11am today and I was about to start when I received your call. Okay Siddarth, I will meet you at office once I am done with the meeting. Bye.”

Saying this she hung up and saw the time and decided to wake up and get ready. She didn’t want to be late today. She knew well that if she screw this project even her life will be screwed. She showered and dressed herself up with Lime Green Salwar kameez with Light blue leggings. She didn’t wear any make up today. Her hair was in half up and half down style. She made herself a cup of coffee and while drinking she just got through the headlines of newspaper. When glancing through it the headlines “Sagar was seen shopping with the famous actress whose name starts with A and this has created a rift between his giflfriend”. Whenever there is some discussion on actors with her friends she has heard from them that Sagar is a womanizer and an arrogant guy. She ignored it and placed the newspaper on desk and got into her car.

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