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Part 2

when you leave weary of me without a work,i shall gently let you go" Kim Sowol

Louise kentford was the the CEO of Kentford Cosmetics Company.Louise had just lost his girl friend to another man who had proposed to her and their wedding was coming up soon.

Sarah was a famous model who had been playing her cards between Louise and Richard Bwire.Bwire was the owner of Richards Cosmetics Louise`s immediate competitor in bussiness.Bwire was also among the richest men in Kampala hence Sarah couldn't wait for Louise who was taking his time.

When Louise watched the news about Sarah getting married to Bwire ,he was broken to pieces.That weekend he never wanted to see anyone and he decided to order wine to his apartment.for Louise had loved only Sarah when he had no one.His parents had died in a craft accident which took his elder brother with them and ever since that time Sarah was the only family let for him to cherish and besides he couldn't have proposed to her just when his family had just died. "maybe i took long to tell her how much i love her that i loved her" he thought taking another glass.

Louise had a friend who was not only his partner but a best friend who was like a brother to him,but Jack had a wife and son so when he called that morning to tell Louise that he could move on after Sarah Louise thought he didn't understand him for he had never been betrayed by his wife so when Louise heard his phone ringing in the sitting room he didn't pick it thinking it was Jack making his stupid jokes.

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