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Part 3

if people refuse to look at you in anew light and they can only see you for what you were,only see you for the mistakes you've made,if they don't realize that you are not your mistakes,then they have to go.

Sunday was always Alice's best day for she woke up to church bells and songs her first thing was to hit the showers and rush to church with her brother but today she woke up to a ringing phone.someone was calling as early as eight and stretching to her nightstand she picked her phone with closed eyes

"its Jules from Kentford cosmetics"

immediately she had that she sat straight in her bed and opened her eyes widely waiting for another dead end as usual. who called on a Sunday to talk business she thought to herself.

"yes please,good morning"she answered with a shaky voice

"sorry to call you on a weekend but i wanted you to know that the company selected you to work for it"

Alice closed her eyes and let out a soft breath

"Alice are you still there "

"yes please am just happy i don't know what to say" she said

"i want to say we are sorry once again for this is not how we usually do things but we shall need you at the office tomorrow"

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