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Part 1

Alice woke up to find herself all alone in the house with a note he brother had left informing her of his departure to Masaka that morning and that he wouldnt be back till after the harvesting period was done.he reminded her to take care of herself and that he love her very much.

Alice sat down and tears started flowing from her eyes.she had just broken up with her two year boyfriend James after finding him with her childhood bestfriend in bed.this had broken her heart that when her brother came talking about going to the village with him a place she now hated ever since her parents died,she had said alot to him.Her brother was mad this she knew immidietly she found that note on the fridge.

now that she ws alone and on her own,she regretted all the words she had told her brother last night and with the best she could do with her sorry state, she cried like a child once again

sometimes Alice wonderd if she was the best annoying and unregretful bitch James always said she was or maybe James wanted to make he say sorry when he was the one in wrong. and besides wasnt it the fact that Alexander always took care of her even when he was not supposed to and she never said thank you at any time when the opportinity knocked that the door.nowtha she had reacged that limit she wanted to say sorry to Alex "how says sorry to someone who leaves his heart broken sister alone in a house"her selfish person said and she cleared her face.

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