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Part 4

we have to do with the past only as we can make it use to the present and the future" Frederick Douglas

when Alice arrived at Kent the first thing Jules the administrative secretary told her were the rules in the office she was to be place and after all the paper work she had signed.she was given a tour by David the EHS officer of the company and then shown to her office which was a small room adjacent to the CEO's office

"your boss is a free spirited man hence he didn't mind about experience when he was choosing you, but he gets bored easily make sure you learn fast dia"Jules had said as she took her to the HR's office that morning

"your first rule is to keep time and be fast at whatever you do then you will stay as long as you wish" Jules added

"is there another that will scare me out of this office than that" she asked jesting with Jules

"you must make sure you stay because am tired of working as his acting whenever people leave" she said smiling and opened her door


"and i like you already" she said walking away

"you are yet to be sure about that baby" she had said smiling to herself

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