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Part 2


A lucid dream is defined as a dream during which dreamers, while dreaming, are aware they are dreaming,”

Next day, when Saghana met Ramana in the College, she greeted him, “Good Morning, Ramana.” for which he reciprocated by greeting her and extoled and applauded her,” Your dance performance was superb like that of Kumari Kamala. It’s an engramma.”

Arrided by his complimentary words, Saghana replied:” Thank you for your compliments. Similarly, your crooning was so mellifluous that I was fascinated like kine (cows) on hearing the flute music played by Lord Krishna.

At the same time, Srimathi appeared there who was in search of her sister and on seeing Saghana with Ramana, she guessed something and greeted Ramana for which Ramana reciprocated her by wishing and said:” It’s very difficult to identify who Saghana is and Srimathi is. What a splitting image! “

Srimathi blushed and said:” Even my dad cannot identify us exactly. “

“Oh, is it? Well, really it is very difficult to differentiate between you both. Bye the by, your dance performance was very superb and it’s inerasable in my mind.”

“Thank you for your compliments, Ramana. Your crooning is also very excellent and I was very much fascinated by the honeyed voice. But the corrupted judges gave their verdict wrongly. Is a folk dance equal to Bharathanatyam? Can a folk dancer dance Bharathanatyam? For lamenting song and senseless words are called duet song. The cadre of the judges has been exposed through their taste. We couldn’t digest it and were upset very much. The committee members realized their mistake and through our Principal, they made arrangements to honour us. We feel happy now thfor the truth triumphed at last.”

Ramana spoke his mind to them:” What’s the use of exposing our skill and ability to the undeserved? We should habit to the deserved but not to the uncultured. We made a mistake without knowing the fact that it is not a suitable place to show our feat.( an action or piece of work that needs skill, strength or courage ).Had you shown your feat in the dance ceremony or Dance performance, you would have been honoured by the mavens of Noble Art; similarly, had I shown my feat in the concert, I would have been honoured but haplessly, we performed to the people who are blind and deaf. Anyhow, we’ve learnt a good lesson. Hereafter, I won’t participate in our college function.”( தகுதி இல்லாதவர்களின் முன் தம் தகுதியை காண்பிப்பது பெரும் முட்டாள்தனம்.

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