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Part 3


In the previous chapter, it’s mentioned that Sivasankar could not digest the fact that there’s a serious flaw in his daughters’ horoscope but however, he was immensely satisfied that the horoscopes couldn’t match.


Sivasankar inherited the entire property from his father as he was the only son of his father who owned one hundred acres of arable, fertile lands and was doing a business and after him, Sivasankar became a legal heir of the entire property and became richer than his father and proved as a business magnet following as an ‘Iron Ruler”.

His wife, Gowrie, a Science graduate, hailed from a noble family, and as she’s the only daughter of her parents, she inherited the entire property of her parents, one hundred acres of arable land and equally rich with Sivasankar. She is an ace in classical dance especially Bharatha Natyam and there’s no doubt that her genes resembled in the twins who had the same taste in classical arts and learnt the classical dance from their mother.

Sivasankar expected that she would beget a son to have heir after him but incongruously Gowrie begot the twins, who looked like seraphic beauty of Ramba and Urvasi and on seeing them, he changed his mind and began to dote on them and pampered them too much against the will of Gowrie who admonished him not to pamper them and reminded him of the adage,” Spare the road and spoil the child.” but he abjured her beliefs and brought them up clinging to the ideology of “Femenisma”

Usually most of the daughters are “Matrophilic “but the twins were’ Patrophilic” and their domination over the domestic affairs was too much. However, Gowrie didn’t mind them as the twins loved their mother very much and respected her words.

As they reached the nubile age, Sivasankar determined to give their daughters in marriage to “idoneous” groom who must be ‘Beenah” and he must be equal in economic status with his family and he was searching for the right person but the College Anniversary Day celebration inverted all his plans for his daughters took a shine to Baskar and were enamoured of him very soon and above all, they made a constant request and coerced him to get Baskar as their husband.

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