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Part 6


The night glided into day.

The “Vishnu Saghasranamam” by .M.S.Subbulakshmi was echoing in all parts of the house which indicated that the Keralite couples, Menaka and Prakasheraj, after ablution, had started their culinary performance, Cuisine

The Keralite couples were very busy in the kitchen preparing for breakfast and lunch. Menaka and her husband Prakash had already prepared wheat dough for ‘poori’ for the next day and the only side dish they had to prepare was ‘masala’ and it was very easy for them and Menaka engrossed her attention in preparing ‘masala’ while her husband, Prakash was preparing ‘poori’ and in half an hour, the breakfast was ready and then they engaged themselves in preparing for ‘lunch’ and as per the timetable they prepared with the help of the Queen of the house’ they began to cook.

Onion Sambar was the opsonium and Ramana was opsomaniac to onion sambar and Prakashraj was an ace in preparing this recipe and while tasting it, he began to laud Prakasheraj and told his father-in-law,” You’ve appointed a suitable person for preparing this recipe. I’ve never tasted such kind of recipe in my life so far.”

Arrided by his extolment, Sivasankar said to Prakashraj:” Very soon, I am going to open a restaurant in your name and you’re the owner of the restaurant. It’s your full responsibility to bring it to the sublime position. I will invest the capital amount and I don’t want any share in the profit. It’s yours. You’ve to send us breakfast, lunch, tiffin and supper daily by parcel therough a person. I will bear the entire cost and give it to you at the end of every month.

Menaka and Prakashraj were overwhelmed on hearing his plan for their prosperous future and realized the depth of his kindness upon them. Like refugees, they eloped and chased by their foes up to the neighbouring State, and narrowly escaped by the succour of Sivasankar. They started their carrier as cook in his house, a stepping stone and got promoted gradually to the highest stage in life.

Menaka, sixteen years old teen aged girl and her husband, Prakashraj touched the feet of Sivasankar and with bleary eyes, they wept for joy and said:” Like deer chased by wild animals of foes, we fled from our State and hadn’t you succoured us, our life would have been snipped away but you showered your grace and protected our life for which we will be faithful throughout our life. Even you drive us out of this house, we won’t go.. Remember, we are your faithful dogs…..Their voice melted and weakened at the end.

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