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Part 4


The hour hand of the clock embraces the number ten while the second hand embraced the number twelve of the wall clock to declare that it was ten o’ clock (night)and all the arrangements for the Hymeneal had already been made by parents of both parties.

Srimathi and Saghana looked like the celestial fairies Menaka and Rumba, whose beauty and charm are splendidly described by the poets.

The Hymeneal Chamber was decorated with fragrant flowers and it was lit with oil lamp, as per the traditional way. Manifold sweet items and fruits items adorned the table along with a jar of milk and a cup of honey was placed on a small stool.

Like Lord Krisna leading his consorts, Rukmani and Sathya Bama, Ramana was leading his consorts, Saghana and Srimathi towards the Hymeneals Chamber and then locked the door inside as per the directions of the twin sisters. Both were ravishing in their ritzy dress, sari, and blue sari matching blue bodice.

Ramana sat them on the bed and opened the conversation with them: “Anyhow, our marriage has been performed and henceforth we need not have stealthy ways of meeting and coition. What do you say, Srimathi and Saghana?”

The twins heaved a sigh of relief and Saghana said:” Yes, you’re right; henceforth, we need not inhibit for anything.”

“My mother has already accepted (to be satisfied with sth that has been done, decided or suggested) our request but my dad hasn’t changed his mind but nodded resentfully.” Srimathi said sadly.

Ramana excerpted the axiom:

We cannot please all people, nor can we set them right;

We cannot do the work of years in just a single minute.

But we can make one corner beautiful by humble patient labour.

We can be honest with our work and can help the next door neighbour.

I always remember this verse and it gives solace to my wounded heart. I think you can understand what I mean.”

“Is your dad obdurate by nature?” Ramana asked the twins.

”It’s his congenital disease grown in him. “Saghana replied.

“Your father and my dad joined together against us.” Ramana said sadly.

“How did you solve the problem?”

Your father sopped the priest and as per his instructions, the priest kept the holy ash in two pockets instead of vermilion in one packet and holy ash in another packet and so the child whatever packet takes, it will be holy ash. I guessed that it must be the base act of your father and I wish to boomerang for which I sopped the priest and instructed to keep vermilion in two packets. So I did tit for tat.

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