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Part 5


Baskar and his consorts, Saghana and Srimathi were in a state of Euphoria for they accomplished in their love affair and married successfully after eradicating the obstacles by the Grace of God and above all, the “Sororal Polygamy “rendered them no problems as the twins gave up their possessiveness over their husband. Moreover sweet tidings awaited them.

There was a call from Sivasankar and Sundar for Baskar and his consorts and when they appeared before them, Sivasankar asked them to be seated before them and after they seated in front of them, Sivasankar opened the topic:” By the Grace of God, everything went on well. It’s our family custom to send the newly married couples for honey moon. So we would like to ask you to which place you prefer to spend your Honey Moon.”

That sweet tidings poured honey into their ears and the delectation they felt was ineffable and they jumped out of joy and conveyed their thanks to them.

Baskar replied:” What my consorts decide is my wish, dad.”

“Oh, it’s good. It’ll be very nice when the ladies decide as they are expert in this matter.” Sivasankar said smilingly.

Sundar nodded at them.

Saghana and Srimathi suggested Los Angeles in Texas in USA but Sivasankar told them:” Of course, it is a nice place to visit but it is very difficult to get Visa to go to USA so it is better to choose within India. I would like to suggest you, Shimla.” What do you say?”

, Their faces beamed with delight on hearing the name,” Shimla.”

Sivasankar added: Recently I have been to Shimla with my friends in view of party arranged by one of my friends. I enjoyed like anything. So I suggest you this golden place. for spending Honey Moon. Further, it is the place where you are going to get rich experience with the insurmountable place, The Himalayas in all its enigmatic glory. Oh! What an excellent place to enjoy! It is an epulation to our eyes. The evergreen forests, rolling valleys, breathtaking lakes, gorgeous climate and colonial ambiance all come together to lend this hill station a charm of its own. With a varied range of attractions – natural splendors as well as man-made wonders – the place truly lives up to its reputation. First place to visit is The Ridge which is the heart of Shimla in terms of location and tourist attractions. This Shimla tourist spot is actually a wide-open street that runs along the Mall Road from east to west and connects it to the famous Scandal Point. What makes it such a popular destination is that it offers gorgeous views of the snow-capped mountain ranges that rise against the blue sky to border this paradise of a destination. The place is dotted with long-standing. The next place to visit is: “Jakhoo Hill and Temple Covered in a blanket of alpine trees, Jakhoo Hill is the highest point of Shimla and offers scenic views of the snow-covered Shivalik Ranges as well as the sister town of Sanjauli. Situated at a height of 8000 ft. above the sea level, Jakhoo Hill is the location of an ancient Hanuman temple that boasts of having the world’s tallest statue (108 ft.) of this Hindu deity. Shrouded in legends and mysteries, it attracts devotees and the tourists alike. If the local legends are to be believed, the temple stands at the very spot where Lord Hanuman had rested for a while during his journey to bring the Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshman’s revival during the battle with Ravana in Lanka.. Then the next third place to visit is: When it comes to places to visit in Shimla for couples, you can’t give a miss to the Mall Road. Otherwise, also, the place is a hip and happening location in this hill station and attracts visitors of all ages. With a plethora of cafes, restaurants, showrooms, departmental stores, and shops selling trinkets and exclusive handicraft works, this is one place where you can soak in the spirit of Shimla in all its touristy delights. From jewelry and books to intricately crafted wooden articles, you can shop for a variety of items here. At the same time, you can explore a number of other attractions in the vicinity, like the Kali Bari Temple, Town Hall, Gaiety Theater, and Scandal Point. What’s more, since the road is closed to vehicles, taking a stroll here during the evening hours while overlooking the scenic beauty of the hills is a pleasure in itself.”

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