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Part 1

வருகிறாள் உன்னை தேடி”a mellifluous, mellisonant and a dance competition song, based on Atana raga” sung by the Late M.L.Vasantha Kumari and Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi sisters,, an ace, adept, champion, genius, hotshot, maven, megastar, sensation, star, virtuoso, whiz, and Carnatic wizard, was played for which the twins began to dance according to the song, in such a manner that the audience was enthralled and thought whether the celestial dancers, Rumba and Urvasi, in the court of Devandra ,returned to the mortal world and dance on the dais.

It continued for ten minutes and those Brummagem (cheap and showy) spectators whose interest pivoted to scrawny (inferior in quality) music such as ‘dappangkuthu as well as folk dance, indulged in poking fun of Carnatic music and dance while some of melophiles (lover of music) whose horizon widened around Carnatic music and classical dance, a component of orchesis, were engrossed tout a fait (completely and were exhilarated (filled with sublime emotion) and reminisced to compare the dance with the dancers in that old Tamil film. The Education Minister was ignorant of Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam and engaged himself with his P.A, an I.A,S, officer in discussion about the opposition party, some of the conservative girls students engrossed their attention and enjoyed the pleasantness of the music and dance, the majority of the audience was eyeing up the dancers, the gestures of Bharathanatyam and the gorgeous appearance of Saghana and Srimathi.

One of the dignitaries whispered to his wife:” The twins must be Brahmin girls, aren’t they?” and his wife gave her repartee:” No doubt in it. Our daughter is fit for ‘dappangkuthu dance and music only”

On hearing their comments about the twins, another dignitary conveyed his opinion:” Generally Brahmins bring up their children according to their traditional way. These Brahmin girls are really gumption (shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness)

A leading lawyer appreciated the dance:” Good. Very classical dance and music. The twins dance nicely.”

Finally the music and dance ended with thunderous claps and whistling sounds.

After the consecutive folk dance and dappankuthu dance programmes, the ‘Mistress of the ceremonies” in her gorgeous dress appeared on the dais and announced:” There is an axiom that Old is gold. We feel delight in inviting the Prince of our College, Mr. Ramana, M.A. English Final year, who is going to feast us with his mellifluous voice. When it was mentioned, ‘The Prince of our College” , the dignitaries and the Education Minister and the I.A.S officers were eager to see who Ramana is and in the meantime, the girls students were whistling enthusiastically while some boys students clapped their hands to express their pleasure.

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