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Part 1

The main event that takes place in the life of our hero, “Ramana” is related to ’Cleromancy” .What is “Cleromancy”? It’s a form of sortation, casting of lots in which an outcome is determined by means that normally would be considered random , such as the rolling of dice or casting coloured flowers and is believed to reveal the Will of God or other supernatural; entities.

In what way ‘cleromancy’ is connected with the romantic love of Ramana with Saghana?

Readers are requested to go through this romantic story to find out the solution to this puzzle.

Thank you.


The Protagonist of this “Romantic story, “BIGAMIST”“ and the "Deuteragonist" are not exempted whose manifestations to the receptivity of this emotional state have been more which has been springing up ab imo pectore. The seed of love was sown in the fertile and arable field of their hearts and its growth was propitious due to paternal prop that appropriately watered by which the sapling bloomed into the multi-coloured flowers of concupiscence. There prevailed no chasm of difference between amorato and inamorato' i.e.,. Ramana and Saghana in the realm of taste, ambition, education, depth of knowledge.

The ‘Silver Jubilee of Sri Saradha Autonomous College “was being jubiliated (celebrate jubilee) conspicuously in an opulent auditorium which was deluged with college students, the dignitaries, panjandrum (important and influential persons), from Vicenarians to sexagenarians, Education Minister, I.A.S. Officers, local politicians, above all, popular actor and actress (their fans) and common people by which the clamant was at is apex.

When the ‘Mistress of ceremonies’, a vicenarian sylph, announced the names, ”Saghana and Srimathi , in front of the podium, on the dais, the uproarious merriment ripped the air , to imply that it’s a premier and conspicuous programme and she continued” ”We are proud to present before you the epulation in the form of “Bharatha Natyam, a unique orchesis(art of dance) by the’ twins’ Saghana and Srimathi, B.A. English Literature final year.

The whistlers, both boys and girls, expressed their joy and pleasure by whistling and clapping and twist dancing by remaining in their seats to invite the attention of the audience.

In a trice, the curtain got dilated to expose a set of marble statues, in the form of Bharatha Natyam traditional gesture to baffle the audience whether they were one or two, as the two marble statues were of splitting images, twins, Saghana and Srimathi who were identical to one another , ravishing blondes, to trance the hearts of youngsters and cause even the sexagenarians drool over them

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