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At the outset I convey my obeisance to my parents who encouraged me to write this short story to publish through “BOOKIES PUBLIC BOOKSHELF, an adjuvant to boost up the budding writers by publishing their products of their imaginations to reach the hands of the manifold of readers vested with different kinds of interests.

“In view of “Romantic Love” William Shakespeare is of the view”

“Love goes towards love, as school boys from their books;

But love from love towards school, with heavy books.”

The tastes of men differ as much as their Sentiments and passions, and in feeling the beauties of art in smelling flowers, tasting fruits, viewing prospects

And hearing a melody, every individual must be guided by his own sensations and the incommunicable association of his own ideas. The charm of a great classic as a work of art , in common with all great works of art , lies in its eternal freshness and novelty, and to each and every mind, a great work will reveal a new meaning and a new charm which alone are the source of all enjoyment one derives from reading it.

Dr. William Stakel (1868-1940) , one of the founders and 'Theoreticians' of the Viennese School of Psycho-analysis , is of the view that normal persons do not fall in love with after puberty only but with the day of birth usually in passing manner often intensively and the choice of love object remains independent of sex , up till the time of puberty. “Dessoris period of indifference' and certain sexuo-pathologists have conceived the idea that falling in love with is due to an acute or chronic intoxication with the endocrinic substances of the genital glands. It is assumed that all persons are in a state of receptivity towards love, though some are less which this emotional state is known as "Latent Expectation" and this readiness for love which manifests itself in the form of yearning, breaks forth only during the process of loving.

Confidence, self-confidence, over-confidence and no confidence sway the entire world and none can be exempted from being affected by any one of the above except those who cling to stoicism. There’s an axiomatic philosophy,”WHEN YOUR TIME IS GOOD, THEN YOUR MISTAKES ARE TAKEN AS JOKES….BUT, WHEN YOUR TIME IS BAD, THEN EVEN YOUR JOKES ARE NOTICED AS MISTAKES.

What is time? Is it connected with one’s destiny or kismet? Have you ever heard someone says,” We are helpless in the face of destiny? Is destiny one’s overall circumstances or condition in one’s life including everything that happens to one? What is circumstance? Is it a condition that accompanies or influence some event or activity? Event is something that happens at a given place or time.

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