Benign Flame: Saga of Love (Enriched Edition) (Part 4, page 3 of 10)

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Part 4

“Soon your PC would’ve a feast for his eyes,” said Sandhya admiring Roopa’s assets.

“That is if you keep me without my sari,” said Roopa trying to loosen herself from Sandhya’s grip.

Debate ensued, with Janaki too joining in, regarding the ‘sari for the occasion’ for Roopa, and finally the consensus emerged in favor of the chocolate silk with a snuff border. After the lunch, as the countdown started, Janaki was at preparing a garland of jasmines to adorn Roopa’s plait as Sandhya toiled to tame her friend’s luxuriant hair. Such was its profusion that Sandhya’s delicate fingers seemed overwhelmed.

“A hair like this is sure to ensnare any soul,” whispered Sandhya to Roopa.

“If my hair has substance, your bob has style,” said Roopa looking back at Sandhya endearingly.

“She would be really lucky if they agree,” Janaki interrupted their mirth.

“Doesn’t she sound like a stuck up gramophone?” said Roopa in jest.

“Getting a girl married is no joke these days; he’s their only son and they’re propertied too. His parents are hale and healthy, not needing their daughter-in-law’s nursing. Moreover, the boy is in the government service, so he won’t be hard up for cash with people lining up to line his pocket; one can be sure about that,” Janaki addressed Sandhya.

“Bribe money is bad mummy, know that from me,” said Roopa mockingly.

“How can it be so when it’s the norm, anyway, as it’s a man’s affair, why should woman poke her nose into it?” Janaki sounded dismissive.

“If man gets the boot, it pinches his wife’s leg, mummy,” Roopa protested mimicking.

“Moreover, his father has five years of service left,” Janaki resumed the resume, “and the boy is just twenty-eight. From what we’ve heard, he has no vices, to name any. He’s neither the club going sort, nor the card playing type. He knows how to count his notes and keep them clean. Well, a disciplined bringing up one may say. Any girl should find him a safe bet to say the least. We’re lucky to come across such a match these days when everyone is going head over heels to go astray.”

Seeing Roopa unmoved, Sandhya thought that the bride was not half as excited as her mother, and felt,

‘She has always been like that, would think of crossing the bridge only when she comes to it.’

When Chandrika joined them, after toying with some special preparations in the kitchen, Janaki said,

“Hasn’t she brought all this about, though by default? Maybe, everything is for our good only, as the saying goes. I’ve been praying that she could make the best out of a bad bargain.”

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