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Part 2

What's past is prologue

~ William Shakespeare

I’m normal

It’s normal to live underground for a majority of my life.

It’s normal that I don’t go to school and know nobody except your family and some mad scientists.

It’s normal that one of my father-figures has lived in the Civil War and is almost 200 years old.

It’s normal to have another one of your father-figures to be the Don of the American Syndicate.

It’s normal that I would get killed by this same Syndicate if it wasn’t for my so-called family, even if it was because of them I killed men that weren’t supposed to be dead.

It’s normal to be experimented on and used as a tool.



I sighed as a leaned against the wall of the dark lab that was my room, trying to count how many lies I just made up.

“Don’t give yourself to much credit. Things could be worst." Xavier called from the dark. He stood closest to the door and I could "Y

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