. . .And Then There Was Rain (Part 3, page 3 of 4)

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Part 3

If she noticed I mean; I guess the subject just never came up. She said yes. About marrying me, I mean. God I was so happy.

She looked so beautiful sittin' there with this- what I mean is, she's got this really terrific...anyway she was really beautiful. Jeez-my heart was all the way up in my throat; I could barely choke out the words. MAN I was sure nervous!--About askin' her to marry me, I mean; not about the squirrels. Anyway, she said yes, about the squirrels,

I mean. She was real nice about it, didn't try to make me feel bad or nothin' like that.

We talked for awhile and she didn't seem to be too bothered by me, so I asked her out.

Not that girls are bothered by me, you see. It's just that, she's the kind of girl that would make any guy nervous, that's all.

So we went out on our first date and we've been seeing each other ever since.--Anyway, like I said, there was this commotion goin'on over at Jake's; and all I'm doin' is standin' there like an idiot;

so I finally get up the courage to walk across the street and see if my girl is alright.--Can you believe that?

Must be somethin' wrong with my impulses or reflexes or somethin' like that.--Anyway,

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