. . .And Then There Was Rain (Part 1, page 2 of 8)

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Part 1

I lay there awhile, thinkin' about the sweetest, kindest, nicest girl in all the world.--Janie. Try-as-you-might and you won't find a prettier, sweeter, kinder, nicer girl in the whole-wide-world.

Thoughtful too; always thinkin' of others instead of thinkin' of herself;

not a self-centered, selfish bone in her whole body; that beautiful, loving caring body.

You know, that's one of the problems with this lousy stinkin' world we live in.--That everybody's so self-centered, I mean. Nobody ever thinks of anybody but their selves.

They're always too busy runnin' around sayin' me, me, me.

Nobody gives a crap about the next guy or anybody else.

Oh sure, they care about their own kind, their families and such; but that don't count too much;

everybody loves their family; well some don't I guess; so it counts a little,

but not much.-- I mean, that kind of love is in us when were born, were supposed to love our family.

Think about it, out of all the kinds of love in this world,-- Now' I used to think, love is love.

I didn't really think about all the different kinds of love there are. For instance; there's the love you have for your mother,

which feels different than the love you have for your father and vise versa, then there's the love you have for your kids,

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