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Part 3

Turning to the other girl, Manvi smiled shyly and said,”Would you like to try one, my Aai makes amazing chaklis.”

To her shock, the girl made a rude noise and snapped, ”Now we’ll have ants all over the place. Who eats stuff like CHAKLIS anyways? I need to complain to Auntie.” And with that, she rose elegantly from the bed and stalked out.

Manvi stared at her, open mouthed. The rudeness had made her flinch but Manvi Patil was made of sterner stuff.

“Oh, don’t mind her, said Payal soothingly, her mouth full of chakli,”Monica thinks that she’s some star!” Her voice dripping with sarcasm, Payal continued, “She’s a rich kid, Her Papa had an affair with the secretary, her Mama is an alcoholic, so they’ve sent her here, from Delhi, to study. Filthy rich! And rude. Doesn’t talk to villagers like me!” She laughed heartily ’and now you as well, I guess!”

Manvi stood staring at the door where the girl had exited in such a flurry. Monica was beautiful, with a slim shapely figure, coloured hair that was short and beautifully styled. She shrugged her shoulders and turned back to Payal, grinning. Well, she thought, at least ONE person in the room was friendly?

Manvi Patil was nothing if not a positive thinker!

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