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Part 3


Manvi had luckily enough, managed to get a room as a paying guest at a house close to her college. She hadn’t wanted to trouble her sister by staying at the 1 BHK they lived in, what with the constant deluge of Jiju’s folks turning up constantly to get a taste of city life! The PG was owned by a middle aged widow and she had to share a room with two other girls. Not a problem, thought Manvi cheerfully. She was an outgoing person and enjoyed making friends. After her sister had bid her a tearful goodbye, and had extricated a promise from Manvi that she would turn up WITHOUT FAIL every weekend! Her husband stood a safe distance away, pretending that he had no idea who they were.

Finally, Manvi entered her room, buoyed by a sense of excitement. A new world awaited her!

There were two girls lounging around. One of them looked up with a small smile while the second continued to text furiously on her expensive looking mobile phone, ignoring Manvi.

Well, I didn’t expect a welcome song, did I ? thought Manvi practically as she turned to the third bed in the room that was to be hers and began unpacking. Intrigued by the containers of homemade goodies that Manvi’s mother had packed, the friendly looking girl wandered over and soon, they were chatting. She introduced herself as Payal and explained that she had come from Latur, and was doing her MBA at a private institution close by. Seeing Payal eyeing the tempting looking chaklis ,the salty treats her mother made from rice flour, in her bag, Manvi smilingly opened the box and Payal immediately fell on them.

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