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Part 3

Manvi Patil alighted from the train and almost at once was engulfed in a bear hug by her sister, Chavi. Her brother in law stood back, smiling as the sisters hugged and clung to each other as though they were meeting after years. He smiled and thought, ”And they did the same thing last week when Manvi came to join the hostel and the week before when we went to her house..hohum!”

But knowing the price of peace in the house was to keep a smiling face at all times, the stoic brother in law kept smiling cheerfully.

“Jiju!” chirped Manvi before throwing her arms around her plump brother in law’s waist. He affectionately stroked her hair. He was fond of her, who wouldn’t be? She was tiny in stature but made up for her size with her sparkling nature and zest for life. Her thick curly hair hung in a waist length braid now and the sisters were walking ahead, chattering away like long lost siblings who had been reunited.

Chavi turned to look at her husband, ”Hurry up!” she said and turning to her sister , muttered, ”He’s a little slow but a good man.”

Manvo grinned at her sister. Jiju, she thought, adored Chavi and would do anything to keep her happy.

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