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Part 6

She spread her hands, and blinking her lashes in fake innocence, said, ”But I come from a town where we don’t know what Pole dance means!” and added, in a hesitant manner that fooled no one, ”Could you show me, please, how it’s done?”

Lovely hissed in anger but Tej smiled to himself. That was one smart girl, he thought grudgingly.

Rajat was trapped and he turned to Tej for inspiration.

Lovely, sensing a chance to show off her dancing skills and maybe leave the country bumpkins awed, immediately declared, ”I’ll show you!” she proceeded to twirl and gyrate around a pole that had been fixed there for some other purpose.

The other girls stared, mystified by the sensuous dance. All except for Manvi whose face showed her repulsion.

When Rajat turned to Manvi and said ,”Your turn!” she squared her shoulders and shook her head firmly.

“No,” she said, “I’m not going to do that!”

Lovely was furious. Stalking up to Manvi she jabbed her forefinger almost into Manvi’s face and spat, ”Why not?”

Manvi set her pretty mouth mutinously and replied, ”Simple, because I don’t want to!”

Tej slowly rose to his full height and approached the small figure, noting her heightened colour.

“You HAVE to “he commanded, “It’s an order.”

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