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Part 6

4 pm sharp.

Manvi looked up as the group of seniors who had terrorized them earlier in the day, strolled in. They had been told to wait near the room beyond the football field. Her eyes automatically scanned them, looking for the leader, the drop dead handsome guy who had such attitude.

He appeared in a while, his pouty girlfriend in tow, strolling in confidently and Manvi felt strangely light headed.

Get a hold, girl! She chided herself. He’s one of those spoilt rich brats. Trouble in capital letters.

She scowled at him and Tej , who had been looking for ‘the little trouble maker’ as he was beginning to think of her, caught the look and grinned. Manvi saw the girlfriend pout some more and wanted to ask if the pout was due to some genetic disorder.

Rajat stood up, clapping his hands.

Manvi folded her arms and glared at him. What a fool, she thought derisively.

“Girls, girls, girls!” he said importantly, ’we want you to learn to respect us and for that, we have designed a series of exercises for you. First, “here his eyes gleamed nastily,” the Pole Dance Item!”

Manvi stiffened. The other girls squeaked in alarm.

“You first!”, he ordered Manvi who continued to stand stiffly. Tej watched her; this would teach the little smartass, he thought

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