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Part 9

The college fest, Asavari, was an event that generated a lot of hype and for the students who had just joined, it was an exciting part of their induction. A sense of self-importance was inevitable for now they felt that they belonged to the fraternity!

A keen dancer, Manvi had managed to join the dance group in the college. At first, the senior students had been more than a little skeptical about her ability, eyeing her rounded figure but her performance at the audition made them change their minds. Her sense of timing was impeccable and she moved with surprising grace.

They had no way of knowing that she had been training for years and was an accomplished Kathak dancer!

The modern dance moves were fluid and required days of practice as the large group had to get their co-ordination right. Putting her heart and soul into the sessions, Manvi pushed the disturbing thoughts she had about a brooding young Adonis to the back of her mind.

Until, that is, a fateful afternoon.

They were practicing as usual and Manvi and her partner were getting a rather tricky dance movement perfect. Facing the large mirror in the dance room, they were repeating their bit in a corner while the others practiced their entrances and exits, scattered around the large hall.

Suddenly, as her partner Abhay grabbed her by the waist and twirled her before putting her down, Manvi caught sight of a pair of penetrating black eyes in the mirror watching her and she stumbled as she landed, missing her step and landing awkwardly on her buttocks.

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