A story of love (Part 10, page 2 of 3)

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Part 10

He turned to smile fawningly at someone who had come up behind them and Manvi instinctively knew who it was. Her body tensed and she felt the blood rush to her face. No need to turn, she thought, I know who it is…

Tej stood behind them, his hooded eyes watching coolly as he stuck out his hand to Abhay and said, ”Good work, Bro!’

He turned to Manvi but quaking inwardly, she had already turned to the dancer beside her and began an animated conversation with the startled girl.

Tej’s mouth quirked in a dry smile.

Damn the girl, he thought in a sudden rush of amusement. So she was as aware of him as he was and trying to fight it, eh?

With a nod at Abhay, he turned and sauntered out, his friends trotting at his heels. Manvi turned quickly and stood looking at his broad, retreating back, feeling ...cheated? But turning away from him had been an impulsive reaction. She simply couldn’t meet his eyes, she felt flustered and yet…She watched him, an unconscious look of longing on her face.

He turned at the door abruptly, surprising the expression on her face. She tried to school her expression hurriedly but his wide mouth twitched as he gave her a look.

I know, he seemed to be saying, I know…

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