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Part 10

Squaring her shoulders, she took up her position behind Abhay.

I shall NOT make a fool of myself in front of that…that APE!, she told herself firmly.

Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she forced herself to focus on the music and only think of her movements. Years of disciplined training came to her rescue and she shut out the magnetic eyes that were trained on her and only her. She concentrated on giving her best.

As Manvi floated across the dance floor, gliding and twirling, being lifted and sliding across the floor with effortless ease, Tej watched, leaning forward, his attention solely upon that small energetic figure. The entire troupe put up a well harmonized show but Tej was aware of just that one small person with her curvaceous figure, her gracefulness taking him by surprise.

She’s good! He thought in surprise, really, really good!

As the hall burst into applause, the dancers laughed in relief, all those hours of punishing practice seemed to be paying off. Swati clapped loudly and gestured for them to come closer. As she stood pointing out changes and mistakes that her practiced eye had detected, Abhay turned to Manvi and looking down at her said grudgingly,

” Chottu, you were good.”

She grinned up at him, feeling vindicated; he had been a merciless taskmaster, never a word of praise for his partner till now.

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