A story of love (Part 8, page 1 of 2)

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Part 8

It was a mutual thing after that, Manvi went out of her way to avoid him although she found her eyes searching for him in the crowds as she went about the mundane business of attending lectures and spending time with friends. The abrasive encounter stayed alive in her mind and very often she imagined what would have happened if something had been different…

As for Tej, he was trying to come to terms with the fact that in that brief moment, he had felt a strong attraction for a gauche girl who was so different from the sophisticated young women he usually dated. It bothered him; the why of it and as he swaggered around with his group of hangers on he found that he was looking for her.

That Wednesday as he sat sprawled on the grass with his friends, after attending a lecture he listened with half an ear as Lovely Singh of the Pout whined on about how they had not been to a newly opened restaurant that was apparently the talk of the town.

Suddenly Rajat exclaimed, ”Dude, isn’t that the little thing who challenged us the other day?” Without getting up, Tej turned to follow his gaze. He didn’t want to accept that he was curious to see her; besides his friends would be surprised and suspicious if he showed any undue interest in someone who had got the better of him!

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