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Part 2

“Manvi!” shouted her mother, “Oh Manvi beta!”

“Coming Aai!” she yelled, hurriedly pulling on her dupatta and taking a quick glance around the room.

Her parents were waiting at the door. Baba looked as easy going as ever, smiling faintly as he watched her race in. her mother was standing with the ‘aarti ka thali’ looking harassed.

“I’ve been waiting here for the past ten minutes, “she grumbled at no one in particular, and then, turning to her husband, she said crossly, “say something, ji!”

Her husband grinned at his daughter and winked, sliding an arm around Manvi’s shoulders and pulling her closer.

“My Chutki will be a star wherever she goes, “He said fondly.

The said Chutki had her reservations but she grinned up at her father, dimpling as he hugged her.

Her exasperated muttered something about spoiling daughters but Manvi knew that she was trying to hide her anxiety. After all, Manvi was now leaving their small town of Akola to study at a college in Pune!

“Aai, hurry, na! “she urged as her mother did the small Pooja before Manvi left the house.

Her mother glared at her and continued to chant.

In ten minutes, Manvi was sitting behind her father as he rode the scooter and took her to the railway station. In another half an hour, she was in the train on her way to join college, leaving her safe town for the first time in her life.

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