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Part 4

Now Tej sat, scowling at his can of coke, feeling furious. He felt like he had being treated unfairly, after all, he was no small kid! His father should realise that!!

He needed to take out his frustration on someone. Lovely Singh, his current girlfriend was fiddling with her phone, sulkily. She had wanted Tej to take her a picnic spot close to the city during the weekend but he was in no mood to do so, having faced his father’s ire. Suddenly, one of the boys choked and said, ”Hey, look at that! A wholesome village girl!” and burst out laughing. Lovely smirked too and Tej glanced up as did his hanger ons.

A group of freshers was walking past. Girls in colourful clothes, latest trends and in the centre, a chirpy young girl with her hair in a long swinging braid, talking animatedly to her companions. Small in stature, she was a little on the plump side, he thought, disparagingly, wearing a short kurti with jeans. But what set her apart was that she seemed supremely unselfconscious inspite of the fact that it was the first day of college. Her companions seemed suitably subdued, darting their eyes to the sides, trying to avoid any direct eye contact.

Tej stretched his arms above his head, smiling inwardly.

Not done, little one, he said to himself, show some respect to your Seniors.

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