A story of love (Part 5, page 1 of 4)

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Part 5

“Hey you,” shouted Rajat and when the group turned his way, he crooked a finger and indicated that they should come over.

Tej smiled in satisfaction. They looked like a lot of flustered chickens, trying to look for a place to run and hide. All except for the girl with the long braid, who frowned at them in irritation at having been interrupted in her chatter.

She stepped forward, ”Yes?” she said.

He heard Lovely snort in annoyance. The temerity of the girl! She should be cowering! Short of placing her hands on her hips and interrogating them, she looked supremely confident and in control.

Tej stood up to his full height, all 6 feet 4 inches of him, drawing attention to his powerfully sculpted body. The girls collectively gasped. Except for the small one who stood looking at him as though she was waiting for him to say something. He scowled, was that a look of amusement that had just flitted across her face? As though she knew he had expected the reaction from the girls? Tej Tarneja didn’t like it one bit.

Rubbing his chest in the manner he had seen the macho men in the movies do, drawing their attention to his hairy chest, he growled,


The girl dimpled at him and nodded her head sagely.

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