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Part 7

There was a moment of shocked silence.

Tej felt the blood rush to his head and he wanted to slap the smug faced girl standing in front of him. After his father’s ultimatum earlier in the day, he knew that he would be in big trouble if he were to get into any sort of disciplinary wrangle. The Principal, Mrs. Khandelwal was a no-nonsense person and would throw him out without caring for the consequences, being a fierce feminist herself. She had no time or sympathy for rich boys who broke rules.

His friends’ stared open mouthed as Tej stepped forward and slammed the post behind Manvi’s head with force, making her flinch. Although she was scared by his violence, she didn’t move, instead she thrust her chin out aggressively, glaring back at him. Strangely, she reminded him of a small stray kitten his father had brought home from their warehouse, a little orphan who had faced off the family Alsatian and had scared the large dog! She was breathing heavily and almost without being aware of it, his eyes fell on her heaving breasts, fascinated under the shirt which was stretched taut across her bosom. Manvi stared at him in shock: was he actually ogling…???

Without stopping to think twice, she raised her hand to strike him but he grabbed her hand easily, twisting it behind her. But that brought her up against him and she was suddenly, unpleasantly, made aware of the hardness of his body as his erect manhood came up, grazing her soft body.

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