A Pocket Full of Clues (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

Carlos Diego was 51, an experience maintenance guy that worked for the police department of Horse dale, Pennsylvania. His private life was active, playing baseball, going to the gym, and going to local bars on the week-ends, Nightly Buzz by Nude was his favorite bar to go to. He loved liquor especially on the week-ends until reporting to work on Monday. Sunday night’s Carlos spent hours sober. When he drinked, he said whatever was on his mind. He had dark hair and a deeply shaped forehead that stood out. He was fixing the wall in the personnel lounge, Captain Lewis was having lunch and eyed Carlos setting up to fix the wall. Lewis was walking over preparing to talk with Carlos.

Margo had a brown bag in her hand; one good thing about having her dad around was he fixed her brown bag lunches and most days sent her off to work. She walked into the staff lounge, Captain Lewis saw her coming in. “Hathaway, how’s that bird doing?” They walked over to where he was sitting.

“Aviary is quickly healing, she was a sick bird and now she is almost fully recovered.”

“Is she talking yet?”

“No, she can’t talk yet.”

Her dad walked in and saw her sitting with Captain Lewis. He switched the topic of the bird and moved into the imprint object case. Margo kissed her dad and Carson saw she was busy working and yet enjoying lunch. He decided to leave and she respected that.

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