A Pocket Full of Clues (Part 5, page 1 of 5)

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Part 5

Harvest Ridge Apartments had 6 floors and a grassy hill two blocks away from the rental office. Carson and Bennett sat down with Margo and told her they decided to become roommates there. She was thrilled but suddenly realized she would come home to an empty apartment, no one but Aviary; nevertheless, she was happy for the two best friends. She shed a tear at the thought of them leaving. “Honey you are welcome over to the apartment anytime, okay sweetheart?” Carson said

“Okay daddy.” She said with a slight smile. Clues to the Case

Both murders happened at 10 pm.

Lewis has no connection to Amelia.

The same weapon was used to do the murders.

With only seconds left, the killer likes to come up on his victims.

There is evidence Carlos bought an Antique Dough wrench set around the time Amelia died.

Captain Wake suggested she visit Thompson Prison again and press Lewis for more information, especially about Carlos. Margo travelled the 128 miles to the prison.. The prison had a stale odor to it and the other inmates whistle as they eyed Margo in the waiting area, the guards were present and she felt safe. The conversation with Lewis was brief.

Admitting he and Carlos were gambling buddies, he also said “We kept it private knowledge away from the job.”

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