A Pocket Full of Clues (Part 6, page 1 of 2)

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Part 6

Margo was preparing for the day and she combed through her hair. Then reaching for and spraying Incredible Things by Taylor Swift; she only liked in this line of perfumes. Margo noticed it smelled a little funny but put it on anyway. She was off to the police station; she had a meeting with Captain Wake early this morning. Margo sat patiently as Wake went over the case with her step by step. Suddenly Margo felt sick and sweaty even clammy. “Are you okay?” Margo could not talk or walk she needed air to catch her breath. She blanked out.

Margo was admitted into the Orange County Hospital. The doctors came in to visit telling her as her father sat next to her, “You are allegoric to lemon, Unforgivable Eau De Toilette Spray contains lemon, you had a allegoric attack. Margo looked shock and stated sounding sassy,

“I know I am allegoric to lemon and I didn’t spray the perfume. I don’t own it” The doctors and her father look at each other, then, Big Billy walked in.

“Are you alright, honey?”

“Then a voice from the outside hallways said,”

along with Big Billy,

“Let me get you a blanket.” There were the two men in her life and now they knew about one another.

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