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Part 1

Alix On Tuesday.

Today I felt more masculine than femine. So I pull a yellow St.Louis Blues shirt over my head. And put on a pair of baggy jeans over my ass. I then pull my gator mask over my head. Ya gotta love covid 19. I look in the mirror and damn bitch I look like a dude. I decided I'm happy with my look and took my mask off so that I can eat. I practically choke on a bowl of Cheerios. I shove a MTV shirt in my backpack, as well as a pair of black sweat pants and a scrunchie in case I start feeling more femine. Walking up to my bus stop I pull up my mask and see this girl staring at me. I know she is questioning me. Yesterday I was dressed like a girl, today I'm dressed like a boy. It's just part of being gender fluid. My body cant make up its fucking mind. I wink at her to be funny cuz why not. Her eyes widen and she gives me a dirty look. Then she looked away, welp that was awkward….

When I get to school I haul ass to theatre 1. Somehow I passed it twice. I still managed to make it there before my friend Eli tho so I guess that's cool.

Usually I love theatre but today I was dreading it. We had to give a 3 minute speech about ourselves. Of course my stupid self didnt plan anything. So when Eli practically drags me up there because it is my turn to present, the only thing I can think to say is Hi I'm gender fluid. Well I said more than that, I practically went off on people who thought it was weird. I look out at the class while I talk and I notice one dude Adam I think, looks me up and down then turns away. Bitch I think to myself.

I practically zone out the rest of that class. Up until the end when we play a game. You have to say if you like your neighbors. I always said no when Eli was next to me. I know i'm a bitchy friend sometimes.

Halfway into history I start feeling funny. I start feeling wrong, like I'm too masculine right now. I start feeling like a female more than a man. I no longer feel comfortable in my own skin.

What am I supposed to do? I think to myself. I can't go grab my gym clothes and change. My gym clothes are all the way downstairs in my gym locker.

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