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Part 3

Alix On Thursday

I wake up feeling so femine it feels weird. I pull on a red sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. I yawn and put on my glasses. This week has been awful but for some reason I feel cheery and hyper. I walk into the kitchen and pour my self a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. I accidentally pour a lot but im like meh ill eat it. I take 3 bites. After 3 bites I can’t eat it anymore, I dont know whats upbut my appetite has been decreasing at a rapid fire pace. I throw away the rest and sit and think about yesterday while I brush my hair into a messy bun.

Yesterday after school I ghosted Ayman (payback is a bitch) I talked to his best friend for 3 and a half hours straight tho. I know im a bitch. He really hurt me tho.

I shake the thought out of my head and walk out to my bus stop. Thhe buswill be hereany minuteand I realizeI don’t have my mask.

“Courtney I can’t find my mask!”

“ I don’t remember you even grabbing it” she replies

“ If the bus comes tell them ill be right back.”

“ Where are you going?!” She yells


Before she can say anything else I take off running faster than I knew I could. I run all the way to my house and inside. I walk as quietly into the house as I can not wanting my stepmom to hear me. I don’t want to get caught and get yelled at. I sneak into my bedroom and grab my mask off of my bed.

I than run back to my bus stop my feet pounding on the floor. My lungs screaming at me to slow down. I barely make it to my bus stop in time for the bus.

When we get to school I very slowly walk into theatre 1. Just as I sit down my best friend Eli walks in and makes me go with them to get breakfast.

When we get back the teacher annonces a group project. We have to make a parody of a song. My group is doing Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots and we are making it about how Covid 19 is ruining our lives. Fun right?

The rest of the day was foggy and honestly I don’t remember much. All I remember is having a fucking panic attack in history.

In History I felt more masculine, but of course I was dressed super femine

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